Striving for Electronic Excellence in Ambulatory Care

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Our goal is to eradicate the widespread usage of paper in ambulatory care. 
We put special emphasis on workflow and usability which are two major issues that plague many international electronic health records (EHRs).

Ambulatory Care Benefits

Clinic/Doctor's Office

Why use archaic methods to store a patient’s crucial medical information?  What should I do if I cannot locate a paper file? Does pulling and refilling charts create hassle for my front desk staff? How can I effectively scan and comprehend large quantities of medical information? What can I do if notes are illegible?

Front Desk

Usually, the first point of contact and the scheduling of an appointment is conducted at the front desk, therefore, why create a pile of useless paper notes for these professionals to sort through? Allow our web based solutions to create organisation and order within your facility.


Why are nurses so important in clinics and doctor offices? They streamline the healthcare process and this allows the doctor to truly focus on the most crucial matters related to a patient. That being the case, why limit their capabilities to effectively document what is important when the doctors heavily rely on their information?


When tasked with documenting physical exams, review of systems, history of presenting illness, diagnosis, care plans and medications along with many other critical areas, who wants to utilise a solution which creates disorganised information and difficulty in perusing past notes?


Comprehensive Scheduling which consider many situations including emergencies

Reduce the extra work by printing your patient's prescriptions

Nursing roles which streamline doctors’ visits

Upload crucial information from previous paper notes

Integrated Billing

And many more features…


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